• Tavorie J



He was pacing around the run-down kitchen while I sat on a pull-out bed in the living area of a long abandoned house long forgotten among the wastes.

"Sylus, we're safe. That's all that matters."

"For now." He grumbled. His back tendrils were completely unfurled around him writhing with his unease.

"Yes. And that's all that matters. We'll move on when we can."

He turned to me.

"You need to rest." I breathed.

"I can't." He kicked a lower bit of wall causing dust and flakes of paint to puff up into the air. "This place isn't safe."

"It's safe from the Watchers."

"For now." He repeated before resuming his pacing.

"Sy! Sit the fuck down! Please."

He ran his fingers through his hair, causing the tendrils that made up the fine, violet strands to stand up on end. He dragged his fingers down his sideburns and scratched at his bearded chin.

"This building isn't safe."

I shrugged. "We're adults. We can be careful."

He glared at me. "Jeron."


He bit his lip before once more returning to his nerve wracking pacing.

"Sylus stop. Please. I know things are less than ideal, but I need you to calm down and relax. We both need rest and I can't rest if you're all worked up." I rubbed the bed beside me. "Come lay down."

With a heavy sigh, he finally let his dorsal tendrils relax. They settled against his back like a cape. They continued twitching a bit making it clear he wasn't fully comfortable, but not seeing them splayed out around him let me relax a bit.

He sat down on the edge of the bed beside me, leaning forward with his arms in his lap.

I moved closer to him. "It's gonna be okay, okay?" I rubbed him on the back. "Come on." I pulled gently on his tank top. "Lay down."

Shaking his head, he rolled over and pulled his legs up onto he mattress. The weak support beneath groaned a bit under his weight. He closed his eyes in frustration.

"It's fine!" I laughed as I threw an arm over his belly. "Don't worry, Sy. Please. We'll be out of here first thing in the morning."

"And then they'll be back on our trail."

I nodded as I pulled myself close to him. "They will, but when has that ever mattered before?"

He grumbled a bit as he slipped an arm beneath me and around my shoulders.

"We have each other, Sy. That's all that matters."

He didn't answer. Instead he kissed me on the forehead before getting comfortable.

"Now rest." I breathed into him.

He hummed our song softly as we drifted off to sleep.

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