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It's Hot.

Updated: Jun 4

Outside was sweltering. I never liked the heat, but I'd grow used to it after spending my life toiling in a kitchen. That was practically a lifetime ago now...

Sylus was standing along the road talking to a passerby while I was sitting off to the side in the shade wishing we could just get back inside. My jacket was off and tied around my waist leaving nothing but the thin fabric of my tanktop to cover my chest.

Meanwhile, he was still fully dressed in a suit and tie. Like always. Like the heat wasn't unbearable. Just looking at him made me stress out a little.

Once the conversation was over, he sat down beside me.

"Why are you like this?" I groaned.

"Like what?" He laughed. "I thought we needed directions?"

I ran my hands down my face. "We do. But why do you have to be dressed in like four layers in this weather?"

He shrugged. "You know me. I like the heat."

"Do you, really?"

He shrugged. "As a human, no. I hated it. As a spawn, I feel comfortable in it. Confuses the brain sometimes, but I feel fine."

"Well looking at you is making me sweat harder."

He raised a coy brow. "Is it because of the temperature or..." He leaned in and whispered in my ear. "Do you just want me to take my shirt off?"

I shoved him away as heat rose into my cheeks.

"Well?" He laughed.

"Both." I snapped. "Both, okay?"

He chuckled as he gently shoved me to the side. "When we get home, love."

I rolled my eyes and planted my face in my hands.

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