• Tavorie J

Negotiations Went Poorly.

“Who are our other clients?” Sylus asked.

He held up his fingers in the shape of an ‘0’. I laughed.

“It’s honestly the distance,” he sighed. “You know me and walking.”

“Then don’t use your feet. Bet if we go by tentacle we can cut the time in half.”

“I don’t feel like exerting myself for a Sanctuary. If it was a Wilder camp, I’d think about it, but those stuck up privileged-” I pointed to the phone lying face down on the table.

“Oh fuck me.” He grumbled. “Yes or no, Jer?”

“Take it. We apparently need the work.”

He picked up the phone again. “You still there? Good. We’ll take the job. See you in two weeks. Price? Well, we’d have to actually look into the problem to price it accordingly. Oh, consultation fee?” He looked to me again. I did a quick tally of our monthly expenses. Food, water, fuel, tools… I lifted up five fingers and motioned to him three times with the other hand curled into a zero.

“5,000 credits.” He said into the phone. “Really? Oh. Well shit.” I bit my lip. “Call it a baseline then. We’ll renegotiate as necessary. Sound good? Good. We’ll be on our way in the next day or two. Unless things get worse, assume we’re heading there. Please refrain from spamming this number. Yes after two weeks feel free to reach out, but until then, please keep the line open. Thank you very much. See you then.” He mashed his massive finger into the phone pressing at least five different buttons but still managing to end the call.

“Too low?” I cringed.

“They were expecting more.”

I rolled my eyes. “Of course they were. So where’s Stratica?”

“Back west.” He breathed as he trudged back to bed. He flopped face down next to me forcing dust out or the ratty old mattress.

I gazed out the window across the room from me. The cloud cover felt thicker than usual. “West huh?”


I laid back down. “Guess we should head out tomorrow.”

He rolled his face so he could see me. “It’s not like we could stay here much longer.”

“Yeah.” I got under the covers again.

“The place is a wreck.” He grumbled as he rolled his face back into his pillow. “We’re lucky it was standing at all. Nice to not sleep in a cave for once.”

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