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Lords and Spawns.

Updated: Jun 19

It was a cantina more than anything else. I began to worry trade wouldn’t be an option. We made our way through a throng of chattering people up to a well-stocked bar. A man with a handlebar mustache slid over to us. He had an uncanny look about him which meant he was likely a spawn.

“What can I get for ye?”


He laughed. “Yeah sure. Water. Lemme just grab ye some from this here tap.” He turned around, picked up a glass, held it under a faucet, turned it on and watched as nothing happened.

“You could’ve just said you didn’t have any.” I sneered.

Sylus stepped up to the bar and leaned against it casually. The keep turned to him with a shitty smile still on his lips. The second he laid eyes on my partner he balked.

“What in His Name is THAT doing in here?!”

“Rude.” Sylus grumbled.

“He’s with me. Is that a problem?”

“With y-” The keep shook his head. “Listen here. I have no allegiance to any Lord and that’s not about to change.” He turned to Sylus. “Ye hear me?”

He shrugged. “I’m not looking for followers.”

“We just came by looking for water. Not to convert anyone.” Tension was escalating and the cantina was growing steadily quieter.

The keep glared at Sylus who barely afforded him a glance.

“Am I not good enough for ye?” The keep spat.

“Jesus Christ.” Sylus pushed himself away from the bar. “I told you I’m not looking for servants.”

“That’s all you Lords are looking for.”

Sylus slammed his fists on the bar. “Well I’m looking for some goddamned water and if you don’t have any I’ll be on my way.”

The keep glanced between us before landing his gaze on me. “Blink once if you’re under his control against your will.”

“Excuse me?!” I laughed.

Sylus threw his hands in the air before making his way outside.

The chatter of the cantina returned.

“What’re you doing palling around with a Lord?”

“That’s really none of your business.” I scoffed as I turned to leave.

“As a spawn, it very much is my business.”

“Do you have water or not?” I snapped.

The keep glared at me. “Ye ain’t a thrall, are ye?”

“A thrall?!” I was beyond offended by the accusation. “How fucking dare you?!”

The spawn shrugged. “Lords can’t be trusted.”

“Well Sylus is only half a Lord and I’ve known him longer than he’s been one at all so I’m pretty damn sure I can trust him.”

“If you’re sure.”

I leaned across the counter and took him by his stupid bowtie. “I knew him before you even came to this planet. I knew him before your kind ever breathed our air.”

A tentacle slapped my hand away before withdrawing into the keep’s shoulder. “I might have some water in the back.”

“Good.” I leaned off the counter. “Go look.”

With a snarl on his lips, the keep made his way into the back room.

I turned around, leaning my back against the counter. The chatter had indeed returned but it was hard to miss the glancing gazes in my direction.

“One gallon.” The barkeep dropped a jug on the bar. “That’s all I’m willing to part with.”

I turned to him. “How much?”

“Just take your Lord and get away from my establishment.”

“He’s not my Lord.” I reached into my pocket for my tablet. “Where can I send the money?”

“Just leave.” The keep snapped.

“Last chance, how much?”

“I said go.”

I pocketed my tablet, picked up the jug, and made my way outside.

Sylus wasn’t immediately visible, but once my eyes began to adjust to the pitch black of night, I found him sulking across the dirt road. I made my way over to him.

“Wow they actually had some.” He sounded less than thrilled. “How much did that cost?”

“Nothing. They just want us to move along for the night.” I put the jug down.

“Hm.” Tentacles reached out and lifted the jug up behind him. “We should get moving then.”

“If we skirt nort, we might be able to find some low growth to camp near.”

Sylus raised a brow.

I shrugged. “I figure we might be hungry.”


“Good. Then let’s get off the main road and see if we can scare something up for dinner.”

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