• Tavorie J

Depot Stop.

“We should be able to reach the depot by the end of the day.” I spoke as I wiped the sweat from my brown. You would have thought that without the sunlight, Earth would have gotten colder, but alas, the opposite was true. It was hotter than ever, but not hot enough to be uninhabitable. Nights were still relatively cool and shade was always welcome.

Sylus strode beside me without a hint of faltering. This humid weather was perfect for him. Of course it was. The changes our planet had undergone was thanks to the Void and he was a creature of said Void now which meant waltzing around in ninety degree weather in a full suit and tie didn’t even bother him. It bothered me, though.

“Please take a layer off.” I groaned.

“Why?” He laughed. “You want me to get na-”

“No. But just looking at you like that in this heat is unbearable. Take the jacket off at least. Please.”

Rolling his eyes, he stopped mid step and sloughed the dress coat off. He slung it over his shoulder before rolling up his purple sleeves exposing his thick, muscular forearms.

“Better?” He sighed.

“Better. Thank you.”

We resumed our walking in silence.

I glanced back every now and again to check on his tentacles even though nothing was likely to change in such a short period of time. The fact that he was so damn large and not even human made gauging his health difficult. He’d learn how to fake certain expressions of health, but he could never hide the state of his exposed tendrils. They always told the truth no matter how hard he tried to hide it.

Night was starting to set in when I checked the map again.

“We can probably reach the post in an hour or two if we keep going.” I turned to him.

He gave me a halfhearted shrug in reply. “If it’s even still there.”

I rolled my eyes. “If it isn’t, we’ll detour to a lake. There should be one a few miles to the north.”

“But that’s not water, Jeron.”

“No, but it's your kind of sludge and if it helps it helps.”

“You need water, too.” He trailed off.

“So are we pressing on or camping?”

He shrugged again.

“Unhelpful as ever.” I muttered as I put the map back into my pack. “Let’s keep going. Once we figure out the state of the depot, we can plan from there.”

It wasn’t much longer before lights began piercing the darkness.

“Come on.” I tapped his arm as I broke out into a jog.

I stopped as soon as I came into full view of the building we were approaching. In the blink of an eye, Sylus appeared beside me, hands in his pants pockets. I shook my head as I made my way inside.

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