• Tavorie J

Rainy Day.

It’s raining, love.” Sylus spoke as he stared out the window of our temporary shelter.

Rain wasn’t what it used to be. Droplets of water were now piercing shards of crystal. Indoors was the only place you could safely be when rain began to fall. That’s where we were. Safe, for the most part.

“Come sit down,” I pat the ratty cushion beside me.

He sips his tea as he continues gazing out at the storm. Glints of ambient light refracting off the falling crystals flash across his face. His tentacles float gently behind him as if mimicking his placid state of mind.

“Sit.” I repeat more firmly this time.

With a sigh, he turned to me, clutching his mug. I pat the cushion again and he finally decides to join me. With a grunt, he settles in beside me, still sipping his tea. I pick up my coffee and do the same before returning my attention to the document in my hands. I wasn’t even sure what I was reading any more. Was it important? Did it matter?

I looked up into his weirdly shaped violet eyes. They were barely open, but a glint of their light shone through from beneath his lids. I smiled.

“What?” He chuckled.

“Nothing.” I returned to my document with a grin on my lips.

“No really.” He pressed.

“Nothing.” I sighed as I placed the document on a nearby table.

WIthout another word, I leaned against his arm and closed my eyes.

“I see.” He murmured. I could feel his deep, gravelly voice rumble through his body.

He leaned forward a bit and placed his cup on the table. Settling back, he slung an arm over my shoulder and pulled me close.

“Comfy?” He breathed.

“Comfy.” I replied.

“Good.” He kissed me gently on the forehead before we both allowed the sounds of shimmering crystal send us off to sleep.

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