• Tavorie J

Catch a Ride.

After another night of camping, we continued on our way.

As we went, we noticed a sudden change in the path we were walking. It had gone from rough to clearly well-kept.

“What kind of Sanctuary actually cares for their border land like this?” I murmured.

“Stratica apparently.” Sylus motioned for me to look ahead. “Ah shit.” he muttered. I watched as his tendrils became dim shadows and his eyes became human. White scleras with round purple irises.

Following his gaze I saw a truck coming towards us with its headlights on full blast. I shielded my eyes and watched to see if it was going to even try to avoid us. It ended up stopping a bit away. A man hopped out the driver side door and approached us slowly with his hands raised.

“Greetings. Are you the Spawn Management boys?” He yelled over the sound of the rumbling engine.

Sylus snorted.

“That’s us. S ‘n’ M.” I called back.

“Very good. I am Samuel Warshaw. I have come to retrieve you on Madame’s behalf. If you would be so kind.” He motioned to the truck.

Sylus and I exchanged glances before nodding at him.

Samuel returned to the driver’s seat. Upon opening the passenger door, we realized there was only just the front bench for us to sit on.

“You go ahead.” Sylus breathed. “I can port up to you.”

I shook my head. “Save your energy.” I climbed in and patted the seat beside me. “You’ll fit just fine.”

“Hardly.” He grumbled as he climbed in next to me.

We sat in silence as Samuel turned the truck around and began heading back toward the Sanctuary proper.

“So is Madame your Administrator?”

“Oh, no no. We don’t subscribe to that system.” Samuel replied.

“It’s not exactly an option if you’re part of the network.” I said.

“Well if by ‘Administrator’ you mean the person who manages our infrastructure and intranet presence, then yes. Madame would be our Administrator if we so chose to elect one.” Samuel explained.

“And is that her name? Just ‘Madame’?” I pressed.

“Indeed not, but it is her preference to introduce herself.”

“I see.” I murmured.

I turned to Sylus who had crammed himself so far against the door he was practically sliding up it.

I turned back to Samuel. “What are our accommodations? Will we be staying within the dome or out?”

“In, but as for what your exact accommodations are, I cannot say. Madame will inform me upon our entry.”

“How long’s the trip?”

“A few hours at most. Feel free to relax.”

That sounded like a cue to stop asking questions so I did. The last thing I wanted was to piss off our new temporary benefactors.

I rested my head on Sylus’ rock-hard shoulder. “Relax.” I breathed. “You’re all tight and shit.” He settled a bit. “That’s better.”

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