• Tavorie J


Sylus chuckled as I dropped the corpse beside him.

“Clean it.” I breathed as I sat down heavily.

With a grin, he dragged the body out of camp.

I sat with my knees drawn to my chest, staring into the campfire, waiting for him to return. It wouldn’t take him long to carve up the beast, but a growl from my stomach reminded me of how impatient I was to eat.

Sylus returned to camp with armfuls of meat. I laid out a cloth and he dropped it all down on it. I sorted through the cuts until I found some decent ones to put over the fire. Whatever I didn’t eat, Sylus would be more than happy to. We rarely had leftovers or carried any extra food. Between the two of us, we were more than capable of living off whatever the wilds had to offer.

“Here.” I offered him one of the cooked pieces.

He raised a hand. “I’m good.”

“I know, but have a taste.”

Begrudgingly, he took the slice of meat from me. He hummed a bit as he ate it. “Very nice.” He breathed.

I smiled as I began eating my own serving. It was more than enough. Grak was always plenty of food for me and enough to keep Sylus sated. He was more than capable of eating an entire grak on his own, but he rarely did anything like that. For as monstrous as he’d become, he still clung very heavily to some sense of civility that I didn’t even think was necessary.

“Here.” I slid the water jug between us. “Its too full. Drink some so I can start filling my water bottles.”

With a smirk, he effortlessly lifted the jug to his lips and chugged about a quarter of its contents before setting it down again. He’d shown restraint and I honestly felt bad for him. I knew that the entire jug would be barely enough to get his tentacles in full form again, but I also knew he’d never leave me with nothing to drink for myself.

We needed to get to Stratica as soon as possible. Sanctuaries tended to have running water, something we both longed for and desperately needed.

“So we’re two weeks out, huh?” I poked the fire with a stick.

Sylus nodded. “I can give us a lift and maybe shave a day or two off, but-”

“No. You’re not well enough for that.”

“Pft. I’m more than well enough.”


I laid down on my sleeping mat and gazed up at the blacked out sky. Everything was nearly pitch black at night. The only saving grace was the ambient violet glow that seemed to just exist everywhere. Sylus wove his tendrils into a bed of sorts and laid down beside me.

“Think it’ll ever clear up?” I asked knowing neither of us had the answer.

“Maybe someday.” He sighed.

I slid my hand over the ashen ground toward him. He reached out and held it.

With a smile on my face, I drifted off to sleep.

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