• Tavorie J


They sat on a ledge looking out over an expanse of ravaged world. It was ravaged to them, but to the new life that called earth home, it was perfect.

Strange tentacle-like plants rose from the earth, reaching for the sky. They sprouted branches like trees, but carried no leaves.

Grass had become fine tentacles that covered much of the ground. What it didn't cover was dead stone.

Alien creatures prowled between the shadows of new rock formations. So much of the world had been ripped apart in wide gashes thanks to the Void's first invasion.

Behemoths. Monsters. Gigantic beasts came through the Rift with the sole purpose of wiping out life and tearing the planet apart. Luckily, they didn't completely succeed, however they did leave countless scars across the planet that would never heal.

The planet they had once known was gone. Both of them were old enough to remember the before times. The sunlight, the blue sky, moonlight and the stars that once speckled the sky. All of that was now shrouded behind dark, low-hanging clouds. This wasn't their world anymore, but it was still their home and they had to fight for it.

As hopeless as the scene before them seemed, they folded their hands together between them. Earth would never again be what it once was, but that didn't matter as long as they were together. As long as they could stand up and fight side by side, they knew they'd reclaim their world or die trying.

That was all that really mattered.

That was what kept them going through all these bleak years.

That tiny spark of hope kindled by their togetherness. It was all they had. It was all they needed.

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