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"So let's say the world hadn't gone to hell." Sylus spoke as I dug the remainder of my beans from their can. "What would your ideal home be?"


"Ya know. What would your ideal living situation be, Jeron?"

I looked down into the nearly empty can. "I always assumed I'd stay with my parents and inherit the Diner when they retired and the apartment when they passed on." I scraped the inside of the can. "I never really thought about leaving. I loved La Sombra." I finally forked the rest of the beans. "Beautiful little coastal town. I never really wanted anything more than to stay there the rest of my life."

Sylus nodded as he scratched his chin. I was expecting a response, but none came.

"What about you?"


"What's your idea living situation?"

"Oh." He laughed as he rocked a bit on the stone that served as his chair. "I always dreamed of living in an apartment in a big city. Maybe even a penthouse if I ever made it big. I never really saw myself owning a home and considering how," he took a deep breath, "lonely my life was, I loved the idea of being surrounded by life at all hours of the day and night.

"I managed the city part," he continued, "sort of. My last days were spent in my ex's townhouse. Beautiful building, but the things that went on in there," he shook his head, "I'd never wish any of that on even my worst enemy." He sighed as he leaned back. "Life was all around me, but I was too dead to see it. And then Daniel happened and that was all I knew. Whatever I wanted was nothing compared to keeping him safe..." He trailed off.

I placed the can down next to my feet. "So if the world hadn't ended, we never would have met." I chuckled.

"If the world hadn't ended, I'd be dead." He forced a laugh. "Ironic, isn't it?"

I clasped my hands in my lap as I gazed out into the wastes. "I think we were both given very unique opportunities with how things have gone." My gaze sank to my hands. "We both lost a lot and we both know how the world used to be. Unique talents with unique perspectives."

"What about now?"


"What would you consider a comfortable life style now?"

Once more I found myself staring blanking out into the wastes.

"I'm not sure what kind of living situation I'd like. There aren't exactly a lot of comfortable choices other than maybe someday getting back into the Sanctuary network, but," I scoffed, "that's not gonna happen. As for what I'd call home?" I turned to him. "As long as I'm with you, I feel like I'm already at home."

His deathly pale face flushed violet. I laughed as his back tendrils rippled a bit.

"Hey," I put a hand on his thigh. "Maybe we'll settle down someday. Maybe we won't. It honestly doesn't matter to me as long as we're together."

He looked down at my hand as I closed my grip on his leg. Placing his own massive hand over it, he closed his fingers gently around mine and smiled.

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