STfStW Mix 1: His Eyes

Coming 2021!

Jeron Miles has called the small, coastal town of La Sombra his home all his life. A quiet, cloistered place, practically removed from the rest of the world. That is, until someone new moves into the shadowy house around the bend. Suddenly, the people Jeron had thought of as family began to change and a truth far more sinister than he could ever imagine began to unfold. La Sombra was not the quiet town he knew it to be and his new neighbor, Sylus Synclaire, was far more than meets the eye. Jeron quickly finds himself in the middle of an eldritch conflict between the survival of his world and an ominous entity of the Void hellbent on eradicating all mortal life. Can Jeron work with Sylus to save the world? Or will it all be for naught and the Void will have its way?

It's not called a "Soundtrack" for nothing!


The "Official" Soundtrack for the first book aka Mix 1!

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