Here you'll find short bios for the characters in my story!

Please bear with my rudimentary "art" skills!

Jeron Miles

Age: 34 (74 due to time shenanigans)

Species: Corrupted Human

Eye Color: Hazel

Gender: Male (cis)

Height: 6'4"

Occupation: Pre-Void - Chef Post Void - Exterminator

Skills: Audiomancy

Weapon: Crystalline Guitar

Jeron Miles grew up in the small town of La Sombra where the Rift to the Void opened rendering him one of the most powerful Corrupted Humans to survive the blast.

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Sylus Synclaire

Human age: 38 (78 due to time shenanigans)

Spawn Age: "Slightly younger than the beginning of time itself".

Eye Color: Violet

Gender: Male (trans)

Height: 6' 8"

Species: Human/Void Spawn Hybrid

Occupation: Lord

Skills: Melee

Weapon: His own tentacles