There's currently just the one and its a work in progress.

It currently has no title, but I'm still aiming to squeeze it into a 2021 release.

Still working on writing a decent summary so forgive me here.

Summary: Earth is in a state of being consumed by the ominous Void. Jeron Miles is a skilled Void spawn hunter. The best of the best. Though life in a post-apocalyptic world isn't easy, his skills landed him in the safety of a sanctuary. He follows his orders to a T and never questions anything for fear of losing all he's worked so hard for. All of that starts falling apart when he meets Sylus Synclaire: a human merged with a Voidlord. Jeron's entire understanding of the world shifts and his willingness to remain in service to those who have done nothing but use his skills for death and destruction waivers.

Sent on a mission from his home of Echo to another sanctuary in destress, he comes to realize the world is far from as black and white as he was once lead to believe.

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