Tavorie Jarrow was born in Nyack, New Jersey, but grew up in the rural expanse of Black Dirt Country New York where he currently lives today.


He began writing his debut novel, Soundtrack for Saving the World, in the spring of 2018 after rekindling his love for writing. After many drafts and some bumps along the way, it was finally completed in early 2021 and is expected to release that same year.


As a trans person, Tavorie is excited to add his voice to the growing presence of LGBTQ+ voices in media around the world. The "Own Voices" movement is part of the reason he finally put pen to paper to tell this tale.


When not writing, Tavorie can be found either making bad digital drawings, playing video games, or making wood stuff with lasers. All with the assistance of his furry companion, Zucca Beans: The most stubborn cat in the world. 

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